Our Choices Matter

If your children sleep ten hours a day (which is a stretch), go to school seven hours a day for 180 days a year, and your family attends church one service a week every week of the year but two (which is above the average of 40 times a year)…

Parents are responsible for 3800 waking hours a year (represented by the big tower of orange ping pong balls) to teach their kids about Jesus. The church, on the other hand, has an average of about 50 hours a year (represented by the small vase of ping pong balls) with a child to teach them about Jesus.

Parents – we can’t rely on the times we show up to the church to be the only place our children hear about the character and nature of God, learn the disciplines and precepts of God’s Word, and see the models of a Jesus-centered life that has been transformed by the Gospel!

Our activity choices matter.

Our school choices matter.

Our entertainment choices matter.

Our extracurricular choices matter.

Our playtime/free time/family time matters.

How are you leveraging WHO you are and WHAT God has entrusted to you to reach your home with Gospel-centered ministries of mercy so they might come to know, love, and follow Jesus into His kingdom?

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