Who Changed?

Often in relationships (marriage, family, friendships, etc.), a person can become hurt by changes or distance in the relationship.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we have to ask ourselves, “Who changed? Who stopped doing what they once did? Who left the conversation? Whose tastes, interests, values, or principles changed and left the other one behind? Is this a bad thing? Is it a good thing?”

Maybe one open to God’s chiseling and molding outgrew the one who refused God’s refining fire. Maybe one ceased being themself and became somebody else. Maybe it was the providential hand of God protecting one from the other. Maybe it was meant to be an awakening for one of you.

Aside from the “til death do us part” covenant of marriage, not every lost relationship is meant by God to be a loss. God sometimes brings healthy growth by pruning dead branches. God sometimes has to make room for new blooms by removing dead foliage. Carrying your dead becomes a heavy, futile burden.

On the other hand, be careful not to set the bar so high for others to be in a relationship with you that no one, including you, could enjoy a sustainable relationship with you.

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