We don’t NEED to be happy.

We don’t NEED to be healthy.

We don’t NEED to be comfortable.

We don’t NEED to be understood.

We don’t NEED life to be fair.

We don’t NEED to be loved.

We don’t NEED to be successful.

We don’t NEED to know what tomorrow holds.

Step outside of our western, suburban pocket of privilege and “rights,” and we’ll find that two-thirds of the world doesn’t have most of those things, BUT many still thrive in what really matters.

We NEED Jesus.

We NEED His grace and mercy.

We NEED to know He loves us.

We NEED to know Him and be known by Him.

We NEED His Spirit filling us, transforming us into His image, sanctifying us FROM ALL that is profane, unclean, and impure, and sanctifying us FOR ALL that God designed us for before the creation of the world.

We NEED to understand His precepts for living in unity with His nature, His character, and His will.

We NEED ALL of Christ for ALL of life.

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