A Citizen of His Kingdom

King Jesus, the Messiah, God in the flesh “with us,” loves you and wants to have a relationship with you, no matter what idols you’ve worshiped, your lifestyle, past choices, or beliefs about yourself or others. That’s the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of Jesus.

If you accept that GOOD NEWS, here’s the even better news. He forgives you, His Spirit comes to dwell in you, regenerates you, redeems you, reconciles you back to Himself, and restores you to His original design before sin broke you and your world. Here is His ask — maybe not so much an “ask” but His “conditions” for becoming a citizen of His Kingdom, a member of His royal family:

In the same way that He died for you, you must die for Him – deny self, take up YOUR symbol of death and follow Him. Die to your will, die to your agenda, die to your self-worship, die to your desires, die to your way.

He is Messiah. He is Lord. He is King. We’re in His Kingdom now. This is His family.


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