Happy Lord’s Day!!!

This is the day of the week that has been set aside for two millennia by followers of Jesus to gather together, in the bonds of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, to exalt the person of Jesus Christ, to engage in fellowship, equipped by His Word, empowered through exercising our spiritual gifts within the body and encouraged to live another day in the name of Jesus!

This is a day that the Roman empire acknowledged in the 3rd century as vital to the expression of faith in the triune God Almighty. For nearly two centuries, these United States set aside this day for the assembled worship of God by His followers in fellowship.

It is the pinnacle of the week of the Spirit-filled follower of Jesus, the priority of those who have sworn allegiance to the King of kings and Lord of lords, and the absolute privilege of those who walk in trust and obedience to Christ our Lord and Savior.

Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!

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