Reversed Ruling

While I am deeply grateful that the highest court of our nation has reversed its 49-year-old ruling on the willful termination of life created and designed by God, I am deeply grieved and my joy is over-shadowed by the hateful words and behavior of professing christians, name-calling and spewing sarcasm passive-aggressively to these hurting, confused, and angry pro-choice advocates. Sure, the hatefulness has volleyed both ways, but it is those that are dragging the name of Jesus Christ through the dung heap that sickens my soul. They claim to possess a Spirit that empowers and educates them to know better, to minister Truth with the same compassion, grace, and mercy that they claim to have received.

May God have mercy on the souls of those that have made tragic decisions because they felt trapped, cornered, or abused. May God have mercy on the souls who continue to advocate for the willful termination of innocent life. And may God have mercy on the souls of those who further abuse them with vile words and actions in the name of Christianity and defense of life.

May God grant us the wisdom, discernment, and resources to provide solutions rather than slander, help instead of hate, compassion instead of contempt. May God grant us favor in the face of adversity, blessing in the face of cursing, and peace in the face of persecution.

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