Separating Identity From Behaviors

Our American culture is in conflict over a handful of issues that illicit great hatred, judgment, rudeness, and anger for/with one another. The question that evokes this horrible dialogue among image-bearers of God is often “Do I approve/disapprove of a specific behavior in our culture to which someone has assigned a universal identity based on the behavior?”

The question is not whether you or I approve of a certain behavior or not. The question is whether the Lord our God, Creator of the Universe approves of it and whether you or I want to submit to God’s approval or not.

This is not about me and you. I honestly do not care whether you approve of my behavior or not and you should not care whether I approve of your behavior or not. I only care about your thoughts to the extent that my behavior poorly reflects on the character and image of my Savior Jesus Christ. It’s about the Creator of the Universe and how He said He wants us to live.

I cannot control how you choose to respond to the Creator of the Universe about your behavior. Jesus did not force people to accept His Way of human behavior. However, I can and should control how I respond to cultural indoctrination that opposes God’s design and redemption plan.

It IS possible that we love things that God hates. We SHOULD pay attention to that. We SHOULD separate the identity from the behavior. When God calls us to repent of a behavior, we SHOULD respond to that in repentance, obedience, and trust in the One who designed us, redeems us, reconciles us, restores us, and conforms us (changes our identity) to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.

–thanks Mike Winger for the seed thoughts.

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