Reveal and remind

There are two kinds of people in America —

1. Those who find a way to seriously or sometimes humorously whine, gripe, or complain about nearly every job, task, responsibility and feeling that they have — how terribly busy they are, and how they rarely (if ever) have time to enjoy their lives, their family or their job. They never have enough time, money, house, land, stuff, etc. to be content in life and are often vocal about their discomfort and hardships. They are attracted to drama like flies to a pile of manure.

2. Those who are just happy to be alive, healthy, and trusted by God with the responsibilities of caring for the things over which He has given them dominion. They thank God for each day and the hours entrusted to them to leverage who they are and what they’ve been given. These are often those with the least wealth, the most handicaps, and the poorest health. They are attracted to holy, healthy community like bees to pollen.

3. Okay, there’s actually a third. Those whom the world, their own flesh, and the devil constantly bombard and tempt to be #1 while knowing in their hearts that they are #2.

Lord, please reveal to me where I’m #1 and remind me that because of your overwhelming grace and mercy, I am very much #2. Surround me with #2’s that love and support and encourage me in the truth and not in the lie that the world, my flesh and the devil try to convince me.

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