The Right Group

It’s so refreshing to walk in life with those who trust the Lord, crave intimacy with Him through His Word, who walk holy and humbly before Him together with other followers of His Way. It feeds your soul when people want to talk about who Jesus is to them, how He is blessing them and teaching them and transforming them, how the Holy Spirit moves, convicts, and calls them into communion and service for Him.

Fear, worry, control, distrust, panic, assuming and/or seeing the worst in circumstances and people, focusing on self, negativity, etc. These emotions feed the flesh, which the Bible says is “the enemy” and calls us to “crucify the flesh.” These processes are incredibly draining to our spirit…for both the people going through it and for the people they engage with.

This is why we so desperately need to be refreshed and replenished by authentic community with the first group. The second group needs the first to minister to them, to speak loving truth into their lives, and assist those who are teachable in craving, trusting, and walking with the Lord. This is part of “love your neighbor as yourself.” The first group, filled with the Holy Spirit, needs one another for strength, wisdom, discernment, and peace.

Which one are you? Who is your group one? Who is your group two?

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