ACT Rather Than REACT

I was watching my great-niece Ellie play a pinball game that she had received as a gift the other day. As I watched, that little steel ball was bouncing from side to side, top to bottom, reacting quite aggressively to obstacles that it hit along the pinball’s slanted surface. Once she hit the steel ball with the paddles, she no longer had any control of the ball until it came back to her.

It reminded me of the culture in which we live…very little ACTION but a whole lot of REACTION. As we travel this journey of life, we often REACT to the opinions and REACTIONS of others as they REACT to the opinions and REACTIONS of even others. The irony is that within the same community, there can be a completely different set of people REACTING to a completely different set of opinions and REACTIONS that are a REACTION to the opinions and REACTIONS of others. This causes nothing but REACTIVE chaos and instability, everyone minding everyone else’s business but their own, worried, fearful, and angry over things for which they have no control.

There is nothing in this world that brings stability, peace, or control. It is only through the indwelling Spirit of God that we can find the peace that SURPASSES human comprehension, the stability and control to ACT on His presence and His truths rather than REACT to what’s going on around us. It is only through His power that we have the strength, wisdom and peace to ACT on His discerning Word.

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