Only God Can Define Love

Who gets to define love? Only God can define love.

So many people are talking about caring for and loving one another, demanding rights in the name of love…and yet so little Biblical love is really being shown.

People often don’t want REAL love. What they want is what they have defined to be “loving”…which is not the same thing.

Matters of righteousness and sin often get smuggled into conversations of “christian liberty”. We must not allow that. God has spoken to us, called us and equipped us with how we are to live as the church of Jesus Christ.

The foundation of all right-thinking is Law and Gospel. The church deeply needs careful, critical thinking on these issues. There’s a failure at the foundation to be able to understand what God has commanded (law) and what God has provided (gospel).

Yes, we want to be all things to all people.
Yes, we want to try to find commonality with people.
Yes, we don’t want to be unnecessarily offensive.
Yes, we want to let our conversation be always full of grace and seasoned with salt.

BUT in a world full of arrogant secularism, the Gospel, yea Righteousness, is always going to offend. They’re going to hate God and hate you for loving and worshiping God.

–derived from a conversation between Tom Ascol and Jared Longshore

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