Unity and Oneness

Church, if God is blessing your body with fruitfulness, do not let your guard down. Whatever you notice, the enemy of Jesus also notices.

The simplest way to take down an otherwise healthy body is a kidney punch to your ONENESS. The enemy can destroy your body if he can poison your UNITY – your singleness of mission, vision, and focus on Jesus.

Many assemblies of professing christians need not worry…the enemy has seen to it they’ve never really experienced a ONENESS of God’s Spirit that needed to be guarded.

But the body of Christ that is UNITED by the Spirit of God in mission, passion, love for God and love for His creation must be ever on guard against the not-so-random assault on UNITY — whether it be unbridled gossip, attitudes of dissension over teachers/preachers or disagreement over pet doctrines and private interpretations of Scripture or whether it be pure jealousy and arrogance permitted to fester like cancer in the hearts of God’s people.

Be on guard. Be vigilant. Be proactive. Expose the work of the enemy – call it out and name it for what it is. This is not your church. This is not “their” church. This is God’s church and He is worthy of the fight for UNITY and ONENESS.

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