Impactful Leadership

Strong, effective, and impactful leaders are not made by titles, offices, appointments, duties, etc.

Impactful leaders are forged by God, not by men, out of faithful servants. When we faithfully love and serve God by loving and serving His image bearers, God rewards faithfulness with the gift of increased responsibility and audience to those whom He chooses.

If you want to be an impactful leader in your church, community, workplace, organization, team, etc. — follow well, be faithful, be a servant.

– If you don’t know how to follow well, no one in their right mind will release leadership responsibility to you.

– If you’re not faithful to the mission, vision, values, and strategy of the organization, you’ll not be trusted with leadership responsibility.

– If you do not have a servant’s heart, then you do not have the heart of God and will be ineffective as a leader.

Don’t seek the title…don’t seek the position…don’t seek the office…don’t seek to LEAD…seek God’s favor in your obedience to His Spirit and His Word. Seek to SERVE.

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