Show Up

I’m so grateful for a 100% bought-in, faithfully committed, and sacrificially contributing wife, kids, partners in local commerce, my employees and volunteers in local ministry, and my church family. I’m grateful that in each case, their hospitality, honor, dignity, and respect for others spill all over the place to create a warm, safe place for guests and acquaintances to encounter love and grace through the Spirit of the Almighty, the Lord our God, King of the Universe, Creator, and Savior of our souls. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I couldn’t do what I do if they didn’t do what they do.

Showing up doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bought in, that you are committed, that you are contributing – whether it’s at a local coffee show, at a job, in a marriage, in a family, or in a church. But on the other hand, you can’t be any of those things unless you first show up.

Lots of people show up at coffee shops, take up a table, use the wifi, purchase a cup of coffee, tip nothing, get a free refill, and walk away complaining about the other people in the coffee shop. They are neither bought in, committed, contributing, or supporting. The only reason that coffee shop opens every day is because the owners, the employees, and the loyal customers are raving fans of both the product and the environment in which it is served and consumed and everyone else who stops by gets to benefit from the hard work and sacrifices of the committed.

How is your local coffee shop, your workplace, your marriage, your family, or your church affected by your presence or absence?

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