It’s Not Up To Me

I saw this meme today and it really stirred some thoughts in me that I’d like to share with those who are willing to listen.

I don’t want to speak for others, but I CAN speak for me and the Spirit of Christ that indwells me.
Just because I don’t, won’t or can’t support an agenda, an initiative, a cause, a religion or a group that is contrary to the Word and the character of God – that doesn’t mean that I hate or even dislike the people who are involved. That would be nothing short of ignorant and petty and, dare I say, hypocritical.

I’m only capable of love because God my Creator is Love. Loving those whom God loves does not equate with accepting what they want me to accept as holy, and let’s just be honest with ourselves. We have no power or authority to approve or disapprove, to condone or condemn – save the authority given to us by God. It is God’s character and nature that are offended by sin – NOT MINE. What so many want is that we as fellow humans feign God’s approval for what He has already condemned. As His bond-servant, one who has become ONE with Him as Jesus and the Father are ONE, out of surrender, obedience and commitment to Him, I am to love what He loves and to hate what He hates.

It is God’s character and nature that are offended by sin – NOT MINE.

But by the same token, hating what God hates does not equate to failing to continue to love those whom God loves the way God loves them – those for whom Jesus ALSO gave His life a ransom, that they might someday repent of and be rescued from the very social lies and humanistic norms that God hates – loving and praying that they will one day be redeemed and restored and conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. I am not to get passive-aggressive, sarcastic or even defensive with those who walk according to the flesh. I am not to make fun of them or call them names. I am not to speak down to them as if they are lesser than me, simply because I’m a follower of Jesus and their ways do not indicate that they themselves are followers of His ways. BUT, I am not to cower from boldly, confidently and humbly speaking, declaring and living according to THE TRUTH of God – IN LOVE. Not because I’m offended by sin, but because God is offended by sin and God loves the offender and wants them to be exposed to the TRUTH so that they may accept it or reject it. It is not my place to cram it down anyone’s throat. We declare TRUTH to the willing listener and to those over whom God has given us authority (our family, our church, etc.).

It is not that I’m any better than anyone else. My flesh is just as vile, my heart just as corrupt and my spirit was just as dead as anyone else who has walked the face of this earth. The only difference between me and the person that embraces the things that God hates is that I’ve received what He offered to each of us; I’ve repented and surrendered to Jesus as Lord of my life; HE has redeemed me; HE has justified me; HE has restored me; HE is sanctifying me; HIS Spirit lives in me; and HE is conforming me into His image. I am HIS elect. I didn’t deserve it and I still do not. He has done all the work, and I’ve only acknowledged WHO HE IS and accepted WHAT HE’S DONE. My only task is to crucify the flesh and walk in obedience to His Word and in relationship with His Spirit.

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