Reflecting on 2020…

In spite of ourselves and the attacks launched against us by the enemy, 2020 was an absolutely PHENOMENAL year for our family (meaning both my church and blood relation)!!!!

  • God was merciful, gracious, and loving to us. We deserve far worse than we received and received far better than we deserved.
  • He provided for our every need. He has blessed beyond our right to request.
  • He tended to our every wound and heartbreak.
  • He protected us from every enemy, foreign and domestic.
  • Every hardship we faced, we learned from and grew to depend on His strength more.
  • In spite of some deep losses, He has established His way and given us cause for celebration.
  • In a time of division and nasty behavior all around us, He has strengthened us in numbers, in faith, in our love for one another and in our dependence upon Him.

I love Him more today than I ever have. I love His people more than I thought I ever could. I love the lost who need Jesus with greater fervor and determination.

My life will not be measured by the number of days I survived on this earth. My life will be tried by how I lived and leveraged the days He entrusted to me.

 Leveraging who we are and what we’ve been given to reach our neighbors, our city and our world with the Gospel — so others may hear…AND live!  

This is my testimony.

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