Use The Word to Find God

So often, we as believers – and sometimes unbelievers – go to the Bible to find a fix for something that we’re dealing with: stress, distress, tragedy, depression, hopelessness…you get the idea.

Though it helps in those times, the Bible is God’s story…HIS story. It is the revelation of God the Creator, the Almighty “I AM” to man. It is a revelation of His Nature, His Character, His Attributes, His dealings with man, His creation. It includes His redemptive story of His plan to restore mankind back to their Creator through the substitutionary, punitive, sacrifice of the lamb – His Son, Jesus Christ.

We are driven to the Bible to get to know our Creator…the One whose Image we were designed to bear to all of Creation. The more we get to know our Creator, the more we get to know ourselves – because we are His image-bearers. The more we get to know that relationship, the more we begin to understand our deepest need for that relationship…relationship with the Creator whose image we bear.

The Bible was not intended to be a book of answers, though it does contain many answers to man’s questions. It wasn’t intended to be an encyclopedia of fixes to man’s ever-present problems in life, though it contains a vast array of answers. The Bible IS intended to be a revelation of God to man about God and God’s relationship to man.

Use The Word to find God…and when you do, you’ll not only find God — you’ll find yourself. Once you’ve found God and found yourself IN God, you’ll find the answers to your deepest needs.

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