It is one thing to be meek and humble…to not brag about or elevate yourself…to minimize me and make much of Jesus. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Anything short of that, God calls sin. I am absolutely blown away by the work of GOD in me and through me — but it’s not about me…it’s ALL about HIM.

I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene.

I wonder how He could love me, a sinner, condemned…unclean.

How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be.

How marvelous, how wonderful, is my Savior’s love for me.

But It is an entirely different thing for a regenerated, Spirit-filled follower of Jesus to self-deprecate or belittle themselves in order to not appear arrogant or self-serving. We do not elevate Jesus by putting ourselves down…we actually do just the opposite.

He is the Lord our God, Creator, Designer, and Savior of our souls. We are not only created in HIS IMAGE, but we are indwelt by HIS SPIRIT. By testifying to His Grace extended in our lives and our acceptance of His forgiveness, His grace, and His mercy, we are testifying that we have declared allegiance to Him as King, and that we walk in trust and obedience to His ways.

To fail to have confidence in the work of God in us and through us by self-deprecating, diminishing our value to God, or hiding behind some twisted version of false humility by elevating the fact that we still sin often and fail God miserably (I don’t think we’re hiding that from anyone), are we not also testifying to the impotence of His Spirit in our surrendered lives?

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