Check Your Heart

It is NOT wrong to have a concern or even a preference – whether it’s taste, climate, comfort, etc. What is offensive to our Creator is to whom and HOW we express it.

Some are passive-aggressive.

Some are sarcastic.

Some just exaggerate.

Some prefer to engender and manipulate “sides” for or against.

Some talk to people who can do nothing about the problem.

Some just gripe and complain.

Check your heart first. Are you being self-centered/self-absorbed OR is this something that can really adversely affect multiple people and God has ordained you to be the advocate of positive change?

Take it to the Lord second. Ask His Spirit to check your heart, to give you wisdom and discernment. Ask Him to surround you with truth and to fill you with compassion and consideration.

Third, if you have peace from the Holy Spirit, go to the person who is responsible and/or has the authority to make the change that you believe is necessary and engage them with honor, dignity and respect.

The goal – that the Lord God Almighty be Glorified through it all.

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