Your Children And The Church

Parenting Well #750 – It’s not enough to just take our children to church faithfully, but it’s a start. Discipleship of our children absolutely begins at home for followers of Jesus. Discipleship is getting into The Word together with them, both literally AND practically, by teaching them what God loves and who God loves through every facet of life – how we prepare for our day; how we prepare, serve and eat meals; how we watch TV and play games; how we take care of the home, furnishings, and vehicles God has given to us; how we decide to spend money on the things we need; how we rest in Him, etc.

But our children discover how we value God’s Word by how we put it into practice…and a piece of that, most of the New Testament, is how we engage and interact with the local body of Christ – The Church.

  1. Attend the Gatherings of a local church body faithfully – if we’re in town and we’re not dying, we’re with the body. Don’t send your children confused messages about your priorities or about what theirs should be. The church is not a PLACE where you GO – it’s a PEOPLE who you ARE. But if you do not GO, you will not BE.
  2. Join yourself to the local body in a Covenant of Partnership. It’s a family of commitment, not a distant relative that you catch up with when you have time or are in the area.
  3. Build loving relationships with people that you can learn from and that you can also pour into. Invest. Invest. Invest.
  4. Serve the body. Be observant. Look for emotional, spiritual and physical needs that God can use you to meet.
  5. Serve with the body. Get involved in ministry…serve in KidzMin, become a Greeter or Usher, make coffee and serve it, clean a portion of the building or grounds regularly, etc. There’s so many needs for FAITHFUL volunteers in every church. There’s plenty of people that will do it “when it’s convenient” for them.
  6. Participate in the Worship Gathering. It’s great to serve, but not at the expense of never being in the Worship Gathering. There is something supernatural and transcendent that happens when the people of God come together to worship Him. Don’t miss that. Don’t hang in the lobby with the other men. Don’t slip into the Nursery to chat with a friend. Sing your heart out, take notes from the sermon, go to the altar to pray, say amen, shout hallelujah, hug your brothers and sisters, pray over them…out loud and in person.
  7. Talk to your children about your experience as well as their experience at the Worship Gathering that day. Dig for the lessons learned from the Bible not just what people were wearing or what Sally said to Betty.
  8. Invite people from the body into your life and accept invitations into their lives. Have meals together, play together, serve together. Use your home as a center for ministry.
  9. Read through the Announcements together and talk about why it’s so important to participate in the mission of the church. At our church, a community becomes family — helping people find AND follow Jesus! We do what we do so that others may HEAR the glorious gospel of Jesus…and LIVE!
  10. Teach your children to support the mission of the church with their time, talents and treasures. Teach them how to give generously from their birthday money, allowances, lawn mowing jobs, etc. Model generosity with your own time, talents and treasures. Let your children see you giving of who you are and what you’ve been given.

Not an exhaustive list by any means…there’s so many more. Hey, here’s a thought. Maybe talk to your kids about this list, share it with them, and see if you can add any more.#ParentingWell #C2Parenting

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