Do You Know YOUR Jesus?

In light of recent cultural disruptions and debates, I hear and see a lot of people wax both eloquent AND ignorant about “What Jesus would do” if he were here right now. Whether it’s a response to covid, masks, mandates, systemic racism, gender equality, gender identity, sexual identity, identity politics, political parties, etc., most of the times that I hear or see people say, “Jesus would ____________”, they prooftext a passage and build straw man arguments of what Jesus did with one person or one audience. What they also do is completely ignore three-fourths of what Jesus did and said throughout the rest of the Gospels with other people and other audiences. Jesus knew His audience and we do not.

If you’re going to tell people how Jesus would behave in a certain situation, how He would comply with certain expectations, what He would say to a certain scenario or how he would treat a certain demographic, you’d better know more about everything that He did while interacting with ALL people groups, sins, and scenarios. Know who you are talking to. Know what you’re talking about. Most importantly, if you’re going to speak for Jesus, Know Him.

To do so without knowledge is to ignore God’s indicting Words to those who add to or take away from God’s Word, the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us.

Thank You Jesus! #SoliDeoGloria

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