Do you ever suffer from FOMO (feelings of missing out)? You see your friends doing things – going places, having dinner, hosting parties, etc. – and you’re not included or invited? I sometimes do.

When I do, I have to take a beat for a personal inventory:

  1. How much of my conversation with others is about how busy I am (there are not enough hours in the day or days of the week) and how tired, exhausted, or stressed I am?
  2. How many things do I miss, skip, or decline for the above reasons? Has this made people feel I don’t want to be invited or included?
  3. How often do I speak negatively about the things that I DO participate in or the people I DO spend time around?
  4. How often do I initiate the invitation myself and include others?

No one likes to be told “no,” “not this time,”, “maybe next time,” “sorry,” etc., over and over again. Many of us want to be considerate and not burden expectations on others who are already “too busy.” Sometimes people just stop asking because they care…not because they don’t.

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