Our Vows

Entering into a relationship with an agenda or expectation to change or “fix” the other is NOTHING SHORT OF DECEPTION and will always end in painful regret for both parties.

My wife accepted me and learned to love the person whom she met and entered into relationship with. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t grow together in the ways that we think and behave, impact and influence one another over the years. It doesn’t mean that neither of us changed (for better or worse), but our relationship was not predicated on an expectation or a vision of altering something we didn’t like in or about the other person.

This applies to friendships.

This applies to marriages.

This applies to employment and partnerships.

This applies to teams and organizations.

This applies to covenant partnerships with the local body of Christ.

Our Vows:

I accept you – as a person and to be my spouse – with your strengths – and with your weaknesses – to be loyal to you in health or illness – to share what I have and who I am – to love enough to risk being hurt – to trust when I misunderstand – to weep with you in sorrow – to celebrate with you in joy – and to enjoy life with you in reverence. This is my vow to you – and to the God we serve.

– for better, for worse

– for richer, for poorer

– in sickness or in health

– to love and cherish

– ’till death do us part.

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