School a Mission Field?

Searching the scriptures, trying to find where God instructs us to send our children of early elementary ages into the clutches of the world’s education system to be missionaries, many having not reached an age of understanding the gospel themselves. Do you know where I can find this instruction in scripture – book, chapter, and verse?

As I often say to our church body, “Hear what I’m saying…not what I’m NOT saying.” Don’t try to read between the lines…I didn’t write anything there. Don’t add tone to what I’ve said…If I wanted there to be an emotional tone, I’d have clearly stated it. Don’t read in what you think I’m implying. I am speaking exactly what I want to say with clarity…there’s no deeper message.

I’m not talking about our regenerate young men and young women in secondary school whose parents have invested years of instructing them morally, socially, and spiritually as children through diligent repetition, having God’s instructions spoken to them while sitting in their house, when walking on the road, when lying down, and when getting up. I’m not talking about young men and women who have walked in the footsteps of their godly parents, having tied God’s Word as a sign to their hands and as frontlets on their foreheads, coming from homes where God’s instructions have been written on the doorposts of their houses and on their gates.

I’m also not debating the merits of public, private, or homeschool education in this post, though I can and do. I’m specifically addressing the idea that our little elementary-age children should be sent into a secular, sometimes pagan environment so that they can be missionaries of a Gospel that they may or may not yet understand.

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