Extremism in the US

Extremism is the rule in the United States today, socially and politically. Common sense, common decency, common courtesy, collaborating for the good of the NATION rather than a special interest group – these are ancient practices that are foreign to those who govern today.

If you don’t believe it, watch what is shoved in your face (and your children’s) in prime time commercials and programming on HALLMARK Channel (for crying out loud), social media, the classroom, the marketplace. If you don’t believe it, ask another foreign power. Your country is the laughing stock of the world.

Protecting your liberty, your values, your family are not the agenda, even if you happen to line up with their brand of extremism. You are being used. Anarchy is the goal. If anarchy becomes the state then massive control becomes the answer. This is the goal.

Praising God today for a Kingdom and a King who reigns and will one day crush all corruption. Until then, I will exercise my privilege and my responsibility to vote my values and serve my King. I may not be woke. I may not be liberal. I may not be an elite or an intellectual, but I am filled with the Spirit of the Sovereign and Holy God Almighty, King of the Universe, Creator and Savior of my soul.

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