Election Day

I’ve got to admit – not gonna lie – I’m just a bit excited for Election Day. American History, including the process of law and order, liberty and justice in a representative government, is my sport. I’m not a fan of professional sports, I don’t play any at my age, and I abhor the idea of fantasy sports or paying ridiculous amounts of money to watch someone who gets paid ridiculous amounts of money to play a game. But a democratic election in a constitutional republic – there’s a piece of me in this…there’s a piece of my past and my future, my children’s and grandchildren’s future involved. This is a sport that I can participate in as a citizen and learn valuable lessons without having to get on the field (running for office is not for me).

I’m earnestly ready and excited to cast a vote, to have a say. This is one of the most pivotal US elections of my lifetime (I said that two years ago, too), and because I am a US Citizen, I get to speak on behalf of the Holy Spirit of God, who indwells and controls me and on behalf of those who have not or may not ever get the privilege of voting. Sure, there’s a lot of junk to wade through…a lot of false narratives, ego, posturing, name-calling, divisiveness, lying, deceit, dishonesty, duplicitousness, falsehoods, fiction, and any other word that you can think of for untruths. but as the optimist little boy once said as he was digging through a room full of horse poop “with all this crap, there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!” I’m a marriage counselor…I’m used to having to dig through a lot of poop to find the truth!

On one hand, this election secures a possible future of choices for my adult children, their children, and grandchildren. It secures a possible environment of liberty and freedom for the gospel message to go out among those who have not yet heard it or responded to it.

On the other hand, the Kingdom of God extends beyond November 8th…this is only the beginning of an incredible journey, friends. This world in its current state is NOT my home. I am a citizen of another Kingdom, and whoever sits behind the resolute desk in the oval office or in the $1000 swivel chairs in Congress chambers will have been placed there by My King to accomplish His Purpose.

This election might set the stage for the day of Jesus, His return for His bride. There might be lost freedom and even some forms of persecution ahead for my family and me. But even at its worst possible outcome, there will be opportunity for devoted followers of Jesus to rise up from the ashes of the American church and be conformed to the image of His Son – who can whine about that!?!?!? There will be an opportunity for a separation of the wheat from the tares, for intense examples of surrendered and sacrificial living for the King of kings and Lord of lords so that those who seek hope and fulfillment can ask about the hope that is in us…and we’ll be ready to give an answer.

Let’s Get Into This!!!!!

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