Public Education

Public education is one of the biggest gambling institutions in the US today. Children’s programming on media platforms is a distant 2nd.

You’ve got a better chance of winning a million dollars at the slots today than you do of your children NOT being groomed for slavery to the enemy by the curriculum, teachers, actors, animations, and gaming to which parents enable and expose them.

PARENTS; Whether you utilize the services of the public education system OR a private school — DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR CHILDREN to their schools and teachers. DO NOT SIT THEM UNATTENDED in front of any form of media.

God gives children to parents for a reason: DO YOUR JOB. Nurture, educate, instruct, model, correct, encourage, support, build up, hold them accountable, hold them responsible, advocate for them, stand up for them, protect them. This was never intended to be the responsibility of a teacher, administrator, actor, illustrator, or writer. Do not put that on already overwhelmed teachers and don’t enable the wolves that desire the hearts and minds of your children.

I’m so grateful for the godly men and women who teach and administrate in our public institutions, funded by our taxes. It is the greatest and most difficult mission field in the Western Hemisphere today. I pray the power of the Lord our God, KING of the Universe, Creator of our souls over each of them as they face a world of darkness, confusion, chaos, and deception in the agenda of the public education system.

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