The Fruit of the Spirit

Can you imagine having unlimited resources, generosity, and sacrificial concern for another, offering and being invited into their home to renovate, overhaul and produce nothing but unimaginable goodness, unending amenities and luxuries, and undeniable perfection in every corner and crevice of their home for THEIR good, only to be restrained by them at every turn, denied every opportunity to use your money, your strength, your creativity, your power to do the work you were invited to do? How would you feel?

The fruit of the Spirit’s presence in a repentant, redeemed follower of Jesus is love, joy, peace, patience/forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness/gentleness, and self-control/temperance. The Holy Spirit takes up residence in our body by regenerating our spirit, dead in trespasses and sins, and becomes ONE with us in order to produce His fruit in our lives.

To reject the production of this fruit, to excuse the sinful cancers that counter this fruit, to deny this fruit manifesting itself in our regenerated character is to QUENCH, to SUPPRESS, to DENY the HOLY Spirit of God, to GRIEVE the person of the Indwelling Spirit in our life.

May we crucify the flesh and surrender to His unlimited, sacrificial love and generosity today!

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