Every single person seeks meaning for their life. All of us go through life searching for something. Perhaps we long to be loved, or accepted, or seen for who we really are. Maybe we yearn to understand who we are ourselves, and why we’re here on this Earth. We desire to be closer to our God and creator, even if we aren’t aware of it. We have this desire for meaning because this is how God has made us. And it is only his meaning which fulfills our searching. “You have made us O Lord for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you,” as St Augustine famously put it.

What am I searching for in this season of my life? What am I longing for?

Loving Father, I ask You to light the path of my friends who don’t yet know Jesus. Help them to find You, even if they’re not fully aware that, ultimately, You are the One that they are looking for.

Father, help me to live this day to the full, being true to You, in every way.

Jesus, help me to give myself away to others, being kind to everyone I meet.

Spirit, help me to love the lost, proclaiming Christ in all I do and say.


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