Unfair and uncommunicated expectations set everyone up for failure, hurt, and disappointment.

When I expect you to respond to my situation in a specific way (my giving of a gift or doing a good deed, my sharing a need, a drama, a story or a joke, my absence from an event, a sigh on my part, etc.), and I have not communicated my expectations for that response, when you naturally do not respond that way, it hurts me and disappoints me. Then I behave in a way that hurts and disappoints you because you have no idea why I’m behaving that way. Then you react to your hurt and disappointment in me.

Epic Failure All Around.

If I’m going to have high expectations of my family, friends, and even strangers, then I must communicate those expectations to the detail that I want in response.

But just remember: Jesus conveyed some pretty detailed expectations to millions of followers and billions of His own Creation…and how does He respond to billions of unmet expectations? He laid down his life for us.

What gives me the right to expect and respond in a more self-centered way than the Lord our God, King of the Universe?

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