But God

You’ve got this!” – no, sorry…no I don’t.

“You. Are. Enough.” – no, absolutely…no I’m not.

Without the indwelling Holy Spirit’s presence and power in me, I am an utterly unworthy failure in the design, implementation, and purpose for which I was created. I’m weak. I’m a screwup on my own. I was a prisoner of war to an enemy that wanted to destroy me.

BUT GOD…He redeemed me from that bondage. He reconciled me back to Himself. He restored me and repurposed me according to His original design.

If it were not for the sustaining power of the Spirit within us and Christ’s continual mediation for us as High Priest, our remaining humanness would have immediately engulfed us again in sin the moment after we were justified. If for an instant Christ and the Holy Spirit were to stop their sustaining intercession for us, we would, in that instant, fall back into our sinful, damnable state of separation from God.

I DON’T GOT THIS. – but the Holy Spirit does.

I AM NOT ENOUGH. – but Jesus is.


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