ALL of christ for all of life!

Jesus’ substitutionary death and powerful resurrection is for so much more than a religious practice to be performed on the Sundays we choose. It is for so much more than access to Him through prayer…when we choose, hearing His voice through the Holy Scriptures…when we choose, and telling others about what He did…when we choose. It is sooooooooo much more than being saved from sin and hell. It is sooooooooo much more than “going to heaven” when we die.

Reconciliation with our Creator through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ restores every single part of our lives to God’s original design – it impacts and transforms everything.

  • It impacts our values and how we live them out.
  • It impacts how we spend and invest our time.
  • It impacts our relationships.
  • It impacts our sexuality.
  • It impacts our genders and our gender roles
  • It impacts our marriages.
  • It impacts why we have children, how many children we have, and how we raise them.
  • It impacts how we educate our children.
  • It impacts whether or not we go to college,
  • It impacts our politics.
  • It impacts what type of career we choose and how we perform at our job.
  • It impacts how we handle our money and how we invest it.

It impacts and transforms the way we view the whole world. Every domain of our lives belongs to Him.

We are given ALL of CHRIST’s identity for ALL of our LIFE!

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