Parental Priorities

The duty of a Christian parent is not to convert our children. We can’t do that. It’s not in our power. It should be our prayer and our hope that that will be the outcome of our parenting. Every child is an independent soul who will give an account to God on their own for how they responded to the Gospel.

Our duty is to ensure that under our parenting, our children have no excuse. We have the responsibility to ensure that our children have been taught God’s Ways, that they have been disciplined according to God’s Ways, that God’s Ways have been modeled for them, that the Gospel has been made clear by their parents, that they understand its message, that they understand its demands upon their life, namely to repent and believe. That is our ultimate aim in parenting.

If there is more concern and more energy in your home devoted to helping your child become the next star in whatever field that you or they have chosen (for whatever reason) rather than working toward godliness and their understanding of what it means to follow Christ, then your parental priorities are messed up.

There is a 0.0296% chance that a child will become a professional athlete.

There is a 100% chance that every child will stand before a righteous and holy judge and give an account of what they did with Jesus.

We are dead people who have been made alive, humanity that has been regenerated, redeemed, and reconciled with our Creator to fulfill His plans for our dominion as rulers on the earth.

We live differently. We parent differently than the rest of the world. We prioritize differently than the rest of the world around us.

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