Overcoming Insecurities

Insecurity is a weapon of the enemy that disables from two directions:

  1. It convinces you that you are unwanted, uninteresting, unfriendly, annoying, etc, and convinces you to isolate yourself from others. And then,
  2. It conversely sends the message to others that you don’t care about them or want to be in relationship with them, that they are unwanted, uninteresting, unfriendly, annoying, etc.

So how do I overcome this insecurity? How do I get past feeling like people don’t want to know me? How do I prevent from spreading it to others?

  1. I lose my identity in Jesus and I take on HIS identity. So many times we combat insecurity with “confidence”, a false sense of strength, which is really arrogance which is just another form of insecurity. It’s not about confidence in ME; it’s about being conformed into His image.
  2. I realize that I am a new creature, that I am filled by His Spirit and His Spirit is in possession of me.
  3. I realize that it’s not about me or what people think of me. It’s about where His Spirit puts me and what He wants to do through me in the lives of people with whom he has put me in community.
  4. I realize that He brought me from death into life to give my life purpose and meaning, to bring glory to Him by relating to others and AS HIS VESSEL OF CHANGE, reconciling a broken humanity with a God who wants to restore them to His glory.

It starts with spending time together with intentional, Spirit-filled purpose.

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