Grief and God’s Sovereignity

Have you noticed how often we grieve, express remorse, offer apologies and/or try to fix the CIRCUMSTANCES in the lives of people that are going through a valley – things that happen in life that we claim to believe are under sovereign providence…God’s constant care for and absolute rule, for His glory and the good of His people?

God’s “best life now” for me/you – if we’re completely honest, it rarely ever looks like the “best life” we imagine for ourselves – carefree, everything falling into place, nothing negative happening, money to burn, friends-a plenty, etc. This often happens because we are ignorant, controlling, and/or self-centric…often encouraged by heretical teachings.

This might also be because the god we believe in and worship is often a fabrication of our own compilation and rarely the God we come to know from His Word.

God is SOMETIMES glorified and I am made more like Jesus by walking THROUGH the valley. Sometimes He places me there…sometimes I dug myself into the valley. Just walk through it with me…it may not be His plan for you to get me out of the valley. He might just want you to encourage me and exhort me, love me and assist me as He grows me IN the valley.

**it’s not wrong to empathize or sympathize with the struggle that someone is going thru as tough things in life occur.

— “I’m sorry you’re struggling with paying your bills.”

— “My sympathies for the loss that you are feeling.”

— “I hate to hear that you are not able to resolve the conflicts in your marriage.”

— “I’m sorry that person’s terrible choices are affecting you this way”.

But if I believe that God is sovereign, then I can’t be sorry or grieve that we are in His constant care and under His absolute rule…nothing happens to us outside of His authoritative care. I can’t grieve that God is going to get glory and work all things together for the good of those who love Him THROUGH the things that we don’t like are happening to us or around us.

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