Faith Over Questions

Sometimes I think I may just be too simple and shallow. Do you ever think that about yourself?

I hear lots of conversations with people who really struggle with questions for which they don’t have answers…some just want to know answers and search endlessly for them, some get derailed by answers or lack thereof and some walk away if they don’t get the answers they want.

There are a lot of things about God and life that are mysteries…we may never in this life know the answers to them. There are other things for which we have multiple answers and different philosophical bents that diverge into opposing belief systems. For example, creation – young earth/old earth, literal days of creation or figurative, predestination/election and free will, hell – eternal/temporal, punitive/redemptive.

I’m one of those people…I’m okay without answers. I’m okay with mystery. I just chalk it up to faith in the God who knows all. That may be a soft way of saying I’m lazy-minded. I don’t feel like I need to “know” in order to live according to the purpose for which He designed me. But I enter some conversations and follow others where I feel like there must be something wrong with me…maybe I just don’t care enough, maybe I’m just not smart enough, maybe I’m just lazy.

I’m not condemning those who have questions for which they want answers, and I’m not self-deprecating because I don’t have a deep need for answers. I wonder if we’re all just wired differently – some more simple and others more complex – and that presents opportunity for the body to stimulate, encourage, exhort one another.

I heard this phrase the other day: “I’m living through my questions.” I found it intriguing.

I think I could just be living in my ignorance, but I’m going to phrase it this way: “I’m living through my faith”…faith that He is God and I’m not. If I don’t know, I probably just don’t need to know right now.

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