God Moves His People

“Work as if everything depends on you; pray as if everything depends on God.”

I cringed every time one of the men who attended our church used to say “If God wants it to happen, it’ll happen” – this was always in the context of work that needed to be done around the church campus. My response: “No sir, God’s not going to come in and set those chairs up…God’s not going to come in and paint that shed…God’s not going to come in and mow that lawn…God’s not going to come in and clean that building or pay those bills. He’s going to tell His servants to do the work so he can do the miracle and He tells them through us, the leaders of the church.” God DOES move His people to do the work and give the money to provide the way for HIM to accomplish the things that He wants to accomplish – and he does so through the hard work and sacrifice of His obedient servants.

In John 2 at the marriage of Cana, Jesus told the servants to fill 6 stone jars with water, and each held 20-30 gallons of water.

Have you thought about how much work that was? Drawing over 120 gallons of water from the well and bringing them to the wedding feast…because there weren’t faucets back then.

It was only after the servants did all that work that they were able to witness Jesus perform his first miracle of turning the water into wine. They did the work so God could do the miracle.

The same is true in your life today…your marriage, your parenting, your community of followers (the church), your discipleship in reaching your neighbors and your city, your finances, your work, etc. We do the work; God does the miracle. What work does God want you to invest in these relationships so he can perform a miracle in their lives?

“His mother said to the servants, ‘Do whatever he tells you.’”

-John 2:5

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