I am not a fan of President Joe Biden and certainly not of Vice President Kamala Harris. Unfortunately neither of them care to represent my convictions, values or beliefs in one nation UNDER GOD or in government in general. I cannot agree at all with most of their personal or platform policies and issues for which they campaigned. However, my heart is joyful for the symbolism and the perceived step forward for women and children of immigrants. Twelve years ago, I choked up and tears streamed down my cheeks over President Barack Obama’s victory speech and inauguration for the same reason. But as of January 20, is Joseph R. Biden President of the country of my earthly citizenship, one that I love and thank God for? Yes, absolutely. Why? Because I am an American. I refuse to act like a child.

Do I think President Biden will be a good president for our country and our future? Sadly, no. But do I wish for his failure? NO. Why? Because I am an American and I don’t want to see America fail.

Do I wish DEATH upon President Biden just because I don’t like him? Oh my goodness, NO! Whobwoild do such a thing? I grieve for the hearts of those who prayed for Trump’s demise and death over the last 4 years, just because they didn’t like him.

Do I think the election was manipulated and abused? Do I think that extremists used President Biden for their agenda? Oh, most definitely. But that won’t stop me from voting again because every vote should count, but I will be watching closely as should all Americans.

Do I trust our government? Unfortunately, NOT A CHANCE. I’m concerned for the next 4 years. I’m concerned for personal liberty. I’m concerned for religious liberty. I’m concerned for our economy. I’m concerned for small business owners. I’m concerned for our healthcare. I’m concerned for what’s to come after these next 4 years. I’m concerned about the country in which my children will raise my grandchildren. I fear for the fate of this country.

BUT MOST OF ALL… I trust in Jesus, my Lord and my Savior. He is King of kings. I KNOW that no matter who is President… HE REIGNS! My faith will NEVER be in a man but in My God, Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and End…for HIS glory and the good of HIS people. God bless the USA!

I saw the above in various versions on a few posts this week. For my own uses, I did copy, edit, add and delete before posting. I have no clue who the author is. I just kept seeing “copied and pasted from a friend”. There were things in the “originals” I saw and tone carried that I felt needed edited or deleted for myself as they didn’t not convey my own thoughts or concerns.

Here is another great article on the subject posted by my good friend, Dr. Kevin Carson. And here is an Inauguration Prayer for our President, also written by Dr. Kevin Carson.

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